Livardas' mission is the fulfillment of any corporate or advertising need in clothing and accessories by providing high quality, excellent customer care, innovative services and long-term partnerships. As the leader of the market, holds a strong position maintaining a huge range of products like a contemporary house of brands.


LIVARDAS SA is Apostolos Livardas' greatest achievement and incorporates his vision for a dynamic company with an upward orientation, timeless values and principles throughout its course from the late 60s until today.


Livardas' vision is the vast contribution to its partners' business development, boosting their efficiency to help them distinguish. True to its values and the fair-trade culture, ensures partners' satisfaction anticipating the establishment of its leading role in the industry.


Livardas SA headquarters are located in Thessaloniki hosted in privately owned premises including the administration offices, a showroom and two warehouses equipped with innovative technology. Modern spaces of 4,000sqm with 5,000 storage selves annually serve over 90,000 orders from a permanent stock of 1,500,000pcs. At the same time, the company maintains a branch in Athens with an elegant showroom where all the brands are fully presented. The wide sales network covers Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan countries. It is served conventionally and digitally through well-organized procedures, extending geographically in a range of 2,000km, developing and innovating with the guarantee of LIVARDAS.


The five success factors are closely monitored by the Company’s Management having as a main goal a consistent evolution. One of its effort’s result is the collaboration with the following brands: SOL’S, ATLANTIS, ABOUT BASICS, NEOBLU, PREMIER WORKWEAR, RTP APPAREL, GAMAX, JAMES ROSS COLLECTION, PF CONCEPT and UBAG. A fact that proves the reliability and confidence that LIVARDAS inspires to the well-known European brands who chose it as their strategic partner in the Greek market.


The most important value of LIVARDAS SA is its people. Investments in human resources over times, especially the improvement of their skills for a holistic higher-level to customers and partners, constitute priority but also essential reason for the company’s existence.


CSR is the essential expression of the social responsibility of LIVARDAS. Implementing concerned practices, a beneficial relationship for all participants, like shareholders, suppliers, employees, but also the wider community, in which we live and operate, is achieved. The environment protection, contribution to humanity, education and culture through sponsorships and volunteering, are the key company’s investments.


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