List of products by brand JRC

JAMES ROSS COLLECTION started 20 years ago in Italy offering promotional and professional clothes of superior aesthetics in a wide range of colors and fabrics of perfect fit and technical details.

It is the first company that turned the predictable and at the same time simple workwear into a professional one, ensuring greater comfort but also aesthetics at absolutely affordable prices, which correspond to the quality of the final product, making it able to be worn decently even outside a strict working framework.

It is constantly looking for these details that contribute to the expected result while maintaining the Italian style, in order to satisfy a large number of customers at an extensive local as well as European level.

It has 3 series of promotional clothes that include 300 products, such as t-shirt, polo, vests, jacket, pants, sweatshirt and fleece in 1200 color / size combinations and 5 million pieces available to meet every need of the modern professional. With strong feelings of responsibility, commitment and trust towards all its partners, JRC goes forward over time, focusing on the human development.

Strictly observing all the prescribed laws and rules, from the design to the production of its products, it aspires to continue to faithfully serve the needs of its customers by writing its own history in the field according to its motto.

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