List of products by brand About Basics

ABOUT BASICS is a series basic clothing and accessories at an excellent value for money.It's updated occasionally with necessary clothes and items following the current trends accorrding to principal requirements of Greek market, covering every professional or individual. Comes to complement the needs of promotion and advertising, sports activities, everyday and work wear with quality products at competitive prices.

The range consists of 55+ popular products in classic designs and lines for men, women and children, perfectly suitable for processing with a variety of printing techniques. 840 codes in basic colors and sizes make up a permanent stock of 650,000pcs which is distributed through a wide sales network throughout the country as well as in the Balkans and Cyprus. Targeted proposals from t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, aprons, hats, bags, etc., are unreservedly selected by 1,500+ satisfied customers. The people of ABOUT BASICS with a strong sense of responsibility towards customers and suppliers work in teams looking for those elements that help in the design and production of items that are missing from the Greek market.

With respect for people and the environment but also with an obsession with quality and ethics, they always ensure that the products they manufacture meet the strict standards set by the European Union, such as the absence of harmful chemicals in dyes and yarns and seek standard control procedures production in terms of ensuring the expected result.

In addition to offering the basic items of its range, ABOUT BASICS offers - under certain conditions - options of special constructions based on individual requirements based on its experience and know-how and aiming at the absolute satisfaction of the customer's needs.