List of products by brand Sol's

With more than 8 000 references, the SOL'S brand stands out as the best European multi-specialist in promotional textile and bags. With complete textile ranges, SOL'S products are made for men, women and kids in an array of styles and colours. SOL'S also includes SOL'S Bags, a complete range of bags; SOL'S Teamsport, a range of team sport products and SOL'S Prowear, a range of professional textile products.

Founded in 1991, SOL’S has since become the French market leader in promotional clothing and a major actor in Europe, thanks to its catalogue of over 340 customisable products for men, women and kids.

SOL’S has understood before others that creating products for the advertising market should be based on making comfortable clothes you enjoy wearing yourself, products that suit a wide range of tastes and spontaneous purchasing trends.

From the outset, SOL’S President Alain Milgrom chose to work with skilled and enthusiastic professionals: men and women sharing universal values combined with an approach based on commitment and strong determination. SOL’S developed a new way of manufacturing and distributing products that then progressively spread throughout the sector.