Company Profile

LIVARDAS S.A. is a dynamic company which, after a successful course of more than 35 years, and having acquired extensive knowledge of the sector, holds a distinguished place as a wholesaler in the field of promotional merchandise and clothing as well as of sportswear.

Our goal is to maintain and broaden our dominant position in the market for promotional merchandise, through sound collaborations and always in accordance with the needs and requirements of our customers. Our efforts, are continuous and persistent, in order to be able to guarantee to our customers a constant level of quality both in our products and in our services.

Toward this goal, we collaborate with carefully selected, large and reliable European - and other - firms, which adopt and follow the same professional principles and visions as we do. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to invest in the continuous consignment of our products, creating one of the largest stocks in our business sector, which in turn leads to extremely fast delivery times, thus satisfying even the most demanding customer needs.

With our knowledge and experience, LIVARDAS S.A. is in a position to offer high-quality services. We always try to be available to our customers for their everyday requirements, and at the same time meet the demand by supplying quality products, with a product range that is constantly expanding, according to seasonal requirements but also in response to special customer requests.

Company Vision

The continuously implementation of improvement methods and required investments, consists our vision, in order to ensure the maximum flexibility and viability of our business, with the abiding vision of climbing to the top of the pyramid in our business sector.

Moreover, the leading of our business sector with innovative products and services, investing in trustworthy individuals, always at the service of customers and of the company’s smooth operation.

In this spirit, all of us are committed to cooperation and responsibility so as to exceed all of our customers’ expectations, satisfying their needs always in accordance with the rules of fair trade.