List of products by brand U-bag

U-BAG is a new emerging French company in the market of handbag manufacturing - a top-of-the-line product with great demand as it slowly replaces the plastic shopping bag. Based in Paris and with few years of presence in the field, he is constantly looking for new materials and designs to offer even more choices to even the most discerning customers. With over 60 designs and a very large stock, it is the ideal choice for cotton, non woven, polyester, jute and PP woven laminated handbags, offering a variety of styles (embroidery, printing, silk screen printing) .


The company is committed to ensuring the quality of its products, which are characterized by quality certificates, such as: With the motto "Bags for you, bags for all", she keeps track of all the latest developments and trends in fashion to provide her customers with innovative products for all styles and occasions. Finally, it enables the customer to create his own unique bag, with material, color, size, handles and details of his choice.