List of products by brand U-bag

The French company U-BAG specializes in the design, production and distribution of consumer bags internationally. 80 quality products in 37 colors and a variety of fabrics and materials compose its collection, which meets the needs of the market while following the fashion trends. 7+ million codes in permanent stock and competitive prices perfectly satisfy any small or large demand.

U-BAG invests in maintaining an extensive range of travel bags, sports and business. It also offers bags and purses for shopping, walking, the beach in a variety of colors and sizes, always ready for logo through a variety of printing techniques.The bags that are addressed to the tourist souvenir market, is another key category of its collection. Materials such as cotton, polyester, jute, non woven, jeans, etc. are used to produce bags of each respective use. Of course, it does not lack its proposal in "green" items, from organic or recycled organic cotton.

U-BAG products are marketed following strict quality controls at every stage of the production process and having ensured exemplary working conditions. Relevant certifications and competent bodies prove the activity of the company, which follows the requirements of the time, contributing in turn to the global effort for sustainable development.