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The ATLANTIS brand of the Italian company Master Italia, specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality hats.

The passion and enthusiasm of its people for the hat, the obsession with quality and elegance, as well as the ambition for the absolute satisfaction of the buyer, led the company to a successful 25-year course during which it stood out in the field. Looking for new materials and innovative technologies over time, it offers inspiring products of impeccable aesthetics and finishes, as befits the Italian spirit. Her creativity, know-how and professionalism give the hat added value, making it more than just an accessory. It is a means of expression, communication, cover-up by wearing it low in the eyes, with the cornice behind or on the side, winter or summer for style. A complete collection of 193 items in 1,300 color options for all genders and ages, for simple everyday use or advertising, work and sports. 10 million products a year meet the global demand of not only conventional but also special specifications for adverse conditions, specialized or heavy use.

INFINITE HEADWEAR: The mission of ATLANTIS for unlimited coverage of needs in hats, caps and all kinds of head accessories, finds its manifestation in personalized creation. The CUSTOM Italian design through a range of superior quality fabrics, colors and materials is also the reference point, which distinguishes it from respective brands. From the stage of special design to the delivery of the unique product, ATLANTIS has guaranteed procedures, which it closely monitors, in order to achieve a perfect result. It is no coincidence, after all, that world events of motorsport and its music industry trust the creation of their commercial products.

SUSTAINABILITY: The culture and philosophy of ATLANTIS could not but be in line with the needs and trends of the time. The basic proposal of each new collection are the "green" items, the production of which is made from innovative materials, such as organic or recycled cotton and recycled polyester. These practices and related others reduce its environmental footprint, bind it directly and indirectly to those who trade with it in actively contributing to a better world, proudly walking the path of sustainable development.