List of products by manufacturer Maxema

To make a new pen requires more than a year, with detailed checks of each compartement.MAXEMA chooses its products to be designed and manufactured
exclusively in Italy, where each stage of production can be controlled.  Inspired designs, colors and styles from the upcoming trends. A promotional pen should be appealing, but also quality excellent. Balance in appearance, authenticity and quality make up a pen worthy of transferring
your corporate message. Attention to quality starts with the strict selection of raw materials: the plastic, refills and inner springs come exclusively from Italian or German suppliers, who guarantee their quality and reliability. The plastic for our pens
comes from top quality, non-toxic ABS , which is highly resistant to knocks and sudden changes in temperature, guaranteeing excellent glossiness and high color stability. The refills respect EU Directives for hazardous substances (2004/73/EC, 67/548/EEC and 2006/1907/EC-REACH) and the American TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act): so all the inks are